“Nature in fashion”

was a fashion and photography project. 18 fashion designers from various European countries formed their designs into reality inspired by nature. The result of this work has been presented at a special fashion show with an exhibition in January 2009 at the “Palmenhaus Schönbrunn” in Vienna, and a perpetual calendar.

“collect your garbage for 2 weeks…”
This project deals with the contrast between the nature of human being, the problem of our consumption, packaging force and it’s out coming garbage. Julia Wesely has found different people from various target groups, who were willing to be part of this project. They needed to collect their garbage for more than two weeks. After that the picture of each person with his/her garbage was taken in front of a white background. Furthermore the collected garbage got used as an object related to the target group in order to get a personal note in each picture.
1008 first published

Who is Ivica Strauss?
The story “Who is Ivica Strauss” is the realisation of a music program that reflects a turbulent life of a fictional musician. The founder of the music production is Georg Breinschmid who wrote all the compositions and also a newspaper ” Der kranke Bote”.


vegetable casserole
“Mustografie” stands for the “symbiosis” of two arts – music and photography.
The main idea behind this poject, which followed the first mustographie “4 elements”, is the connection between human beings and vegetables. The photos are as different as the vegetables depicted in them. From series to series the focus shifts more and more through the human body to the vegetables covering it.
2003 first published


“The 4 Elements”
“Mustografie” stands for the “symbiosis” of two arts – music and photography.
The intent of the photographer was to portray “the four elements” using colour and body. She did this with a model reflecting colour versus black and white and body versus elements.

Imagine: you are sitting completely relaxed ina room with little light – a picture is projected on the wall, beside a small music group. Whith each piece of music not only the picture changes, so does the entire mood. Iva Zabkar composed the music.

2001 first published